Planko wood sheets is a great new solution for accent walls. With its staggered-cut design and stain variation, this product gives the look of driftwood or that rustic feel that is difficult to achieve. The product itself is extremely light weight and has an adhesive back where once you are ready to install it, all you have to do is peel and stick.

Barn or reclaimed wood walls is a fast growing trend. Believe it or not, finding and installing reclaimed wood can be difficult and time consuming. Due to the increase in demand, aged wood is quite expensive. Installers also have to cut each piece of wood individually so that they are unique in size which can increase labor costs. Planko wood sheets comes in sheets so that each section has variation of size and color within it. This 100% real wood product gives the homeowner the exact sizes they need and saves on labor costs because it is manufactured in sheets. Each panel is tested for quality and has a 25-year manufacturers warranty.

Always have a clean surface before instillation. Any dust or dirt on the drywall will affect adhesion of the Planko sheets. The surface must be drywall, flat and freshly primed or painted. It’s a good idea to paint the wall a similar color to the wood so that in the event there is a dry period (which is common in Texas) and the wood shirks, any slight gaps that may appear will blend nicely. Use one box at a time to make sure the proper variety is installed together. Installation begins at the bottom left corner of the wall. Once the panel is placed, firmly roll a 3″ roller across panel applying approximately 15 pounds of pressure.

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