Find the need for a senior friendly bathroom? There are many options that will make a huge difference in safety and accessibility. Some changes are simple while other changes could require remodeling or professional installation.

  1. Install Lever Faucets. Often times other faucets can get tangled causing issues for elderly people trying to maneuver the cords. Lever faucets provide an easy way to distribute water, they even offer foot operating faucets.
  2. Sprayer Attachment. Getting a sprayer attachment for your shower head that you can hold in your hand makes showering much easier. It also eliminates the need to stand in the shower. This helps eliminate some of the risk of falling.
  3. Install Grab Bars and Rails. This is one of the easiest and cost effective changes you can make. It is a good idea to install grab bars and rails in areas such as the shower, around the bathtub and near the toilet. This is not only easier for an elderly person to get up and down, it also helps any care giver that is assisting have more support.
  4. Raise the Height of the Toilet Seat. There are a couple options to do this. You can either raise the height of the toilet by installing a thicker toilet seat or you can replace the toilet with a “comfort height” toilet.
  5. Thick Rugs for Cushioning. This provides extra padding in case of a fall as well has additional support for anyone on their knees helping to bath.
  6. Non-slip Mats and Rugs. Having a mat or rug can be dangerous if it moves. Placing a no-stick mat in the shower helps prevent falling and having one outside the shower or tub helps what normally is a slippery place be much more stable.
  7. Curbless Showers and Walk-in Tubs. Many shower pans have a height to them. Getting a curbless shower pan eliminates the need to step over something causing an imbalance to occur. Walk-in tubs are growing in popularity. There are many options available and this to helps prevent falling while getting into the tub.

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