You Deserve an Austin Bathroom Design on a Budget!


Where You Were

You have been living in your home for several years. Remember when you first purchased your home in Austin and wanted to remodel your bathroom on a budget but you were focused on the kids’ education, sport teams, birthday parties, and family vacations. Time goes by so fast!

Where You Are Now

Now the kids are either in high school, college, moved away for jobs, or married. As the both of you sit there and think about all the good times, you also recognize all the many maintenance issues and updating of the home that just didn’t happen. As you look at your bathroom you realize that the cultured marble has yellowed out and has cracks around the drain. You don’t have enough storage and you would love to get all the junk off the vanity top. That big bathtub just sits there and is never used and the shower is so small. Maybe you should do something about it.

The thought of trying to decide what to do is almost over powering. Where to start? The other day you walked into a tile store and there were literally 100’s of choices. It was so confusing. You have never felt very confident in decorating. Should you hire an Interior Designer? There are many good ones to choose from but what about the cost? This is not our forever home, so we need to be realistic about what to spend. You may be asking how do you get a bath design on a budget in Austin, TX. When we retire in a few years we might just sell and move to where the grandkids are or where we have always dreamed of living. Do we just call several contractors out and have them give a proposal?

Time To Remodel Your Bathroom

You deserve a better bathroom and you can now afford a realistic update. Not only do you want to enjoy your bathroom while you are still living in your home but also when you sell you would like to increase the resale value. Do you call out one of the franchise sales people and let them give you their high-pressure sales pitch? Do you get a small contractor that does a little bit of everything? Can they really help with selections and are we really going to be happy with the results?

On Time Baths will deliver the complete package to your home ON TIME and on a designated day. These packages are great for customers that would like to be DIY or partial DIY, or use a contractor you already know and trust. We also have the option for you to work from a list of contractors we can supply you. Then when you have contractors you have chosen bid the job they are all bidding the same job because you can show them exactly what they are installing. They will not be having to pickup supplies because it will all be there making it very easy to compare bids. There are also fewer unknowns for the contractor, which makes them more comfortable bidding.


Why does On Time Baths not install their own packages? As a company our focus is delivering to the customer the best possible experience, expertise, designs, and pricing. We feel that focusing on you, the customer, is best. There are many fine small independent contractors that are true craftsmen that can remodel bathrooms and do an excellent job. But they do not necessarily have the time or knowledge to help with designs or have all the accounts and connections at all the necessary manufactures and suppliers.  We think it’s better to partner with these small contractors let them do what they do best and On Time Baths can focus on you the customer and your bathroom. You Deserve a Beautiful Bathroom!