Wouldn’t it be great to pay wholesale prices for your bathroom remodel?

We can help you do that. There are several different ways contractors operate and handle their jobs.

Single Man Crew (Handyman)

These are contractors who do the work themselves or have a helper or two. They do everything from start to finish. A problem, as we all do, is they can not be at two places at once. This means that they are unable to concentrate or work on the job site the whole time. Whether it is working on past jobs they are trying to complete, running to get materials or haul trash, or even setting up the next job while yours is still not completed. Another issue is they do not have access to wholesale suppliers and professional designers which is important in keeping the cost of the remodel within budget and having an eye for design.

Large Contracting Companies

Large contacting and bathroom remodeling companies typically have sales people, office employees, Interior Designers, plumbers, electricians, and installation crews that work for them. This uses each individual working at their specialty which is certainly a good thing. The downside to this is it creates larger expenses, overhead, and markups. These costs go to the customer, which can make your overall remodeling price far more than what you may have anticipated.

Small Contacting Companies

Smaller contracting companies act as General Contractors. They usually have a few employees and use subcontracting for labor, plumbing, and electrical. They do this to help reduce labor costs. The trouble is it results in you, the homeowner, at the mercy of a subcontractor’s time and availability. There is also the risk of him leaving and never coming back or not repairing any damages they may have caused.

Among these three types of contractors there are variations of each and advantages and disadvantages for each type.

Best of All Worlds

We are offering a great alternative for homeowners needing a bathroom remodel. It’s be your own Contractor! This means you purchase all materials then hire a contractor to simply install the materials. Many homeowners opt to do some of the work themselves, saving money. It allows you to have control of the process and costs associated with your project. Common questions raised are what materials do I need? How do I know what looks good and what’s in style? Where do I start? Who can install these materials? That brings us to why On Time Baths started.

On Time Baths provides complete Designer Bathroom Remodeling Packages. We offer 16 different design packages that include cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, framed mirrors, plumbing fixtures, floor tile, tile shower surrounds, baseboards, paint, cabinet hardware, and bath accessories. In these packages you can add items as free-standing bathtubs, mirrored medicine cabinets, and exhaust fans. You can also delete or mix and match any items such as mirrors if you already have one or change fixtures from chrome to brushed nickel. In our showroom we display all the packages so that customers can see and feel what these materials will look like all together. We customize the package to fit your exact bathroom remodel requirements and desires. Once you have ordered your package you can either hire a contractor from our list of recommended professionals, do the work yourself, or hire a contractor that you already know.

We are also available to answer questions doing the process. This is a great option for those who don’t have the time to go to stores looking at countless options and would prefer to have professional designers guide you through the selection process. You can save thousands of dollars and have satisfaction creating that special place yourself. You Deserve a Beautiful Bathroom and we can help you create that dream space!