An Architect’s Creation Renovated

An Architect’s Creation Renovated


Every project has something special about it. It is always great getting to know the homeowners, and when you remodel their kitchen or bathroom you REALLY get to know them! These homeowners were game for not only remodeling two of their bathrooms but also their kitchen! We sort of feel like we should invite them to our Thanksgiving dinner after spending such time in their home.

Another interesting feature of this project is the fact the architect who designed and built this house was actually the Dean of Architecture while I was a student at The University of Texas here in Austin. I even took a class of his back in the day! This project almost felt like a final exam in some ways. At the end of the day though it was the current, precious homeowners that I was most interested in pleasing.

Each of the rooms we remodeled allowed for no changing of perimeter walls. We were land-locked. Our goal to “create more space” was confined to the walls given. We achieved the larger feel by use of lighter toned materials, consistent use of materials, and use of the thickness of the stairwell wall.

The master bathroom took on a sort of art gallery feel when we installed a gorgeous water jet cut tile art feature on the main shower wall. The guest bathroom was built with an unexpected angle on the back wall. This being the case I “went with it.” The niches and bench followed after this given wall angle creating a unique installation of materials. Since we were required to keep the original, solid, mud-set granite pavers in this guest bathroom we had to use a complimentary shower floor material that  you just have to see to appreciate. This guest bathroom combines high gloss cabinetry finish with stone, wood tile, and a variation of concrete-looking tile.

Getting to know the clients also revealed their love of trees. This is only fitting as the home is nestled into a beautiful setting of trees. For this reason I designed a custom paint detail in the kitchen to subtly tie into their collection of tree art. If you look carefully at the custom art feature in the kitchen you may also find two birds flittering through the trees for a touch of whimsy.

Written By Cammy Oney- Interior Designer


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December 1, 2017