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Bathroom Designs Built To Order

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Beach Inspired Bathroom Designs

One of the many positive aspects of our business is that we have the ability to do complete bathroom re-designs with the customer’s likes and preferences in mind. We are not the McDonald’s of bathroom remodeling. We are the add jalapeno, chipotle mayo and pepper jack cheese type of bathroom remodeling company. In fact, we only do complete bathroom remodels. Recently, we worked on project where the client knew she wanted her bathroom to resemble the style of her bedroom. Cammy Oney, our interior designer, had this to say about the project.

One of the most interesting parts about this job were the tile selections. The client wanted an extension into the bathroom from her soft blue/green and white decor of her gently themed “beach” bedroom. To achieve this we selected tiles of pebbles for the shower floor,porcelain softly worn weathered wood for the main floor tile, and another porcelain wall tile for the shower surround which gently emulated the look of the ocean floor after waves washed across it. This was a great palette when laid out to look at, but that ended up being the easy part. The real challenge came with installing a tile which had height variations–the shower wall tile. The wall tile, or wave tile as I began referring to it, created a challenge when time to creating outside corners. Our crew worked skillfully to ensure a smooth and seamless junction at every turn. They used the smallest of joints and skillfully integrated the smooth version of the wave tile where necessary such as around the shampoo niche.




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July 5, 2017