Beautiful Bathroom With Superior Tile Work

Beautiful Bathroom With Superior Tile Work

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 Skilled Crew Makes This Shower Stand-Out

There is much which makes this job special. When people look at the finished product perhaps they don’t realize what all it takes to get the job completed. It is one thing to pick out all the wonderful finishes and discover what the main storage needs are, but how do you go from tile, for example, to a custom finished product? Once the design is complete the most important tool in our bag is our crew. Without their excellent skill and attention to detail we would not be able to carry out the polished product we do. This tile design was extremely complicated. When you place tile on a diagonal that alone is challenging. Then to add complexity to the job we shifted planes, wrapped corners, added a second main field tile, added an accent tile, and then topped it off with a really cool integrated fog-less mirror. This installation took much more time, inspection, confirmation, and patience than most. The finished product is one we all are proud to see. We are so blessed to have such a talented and kind crew!

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January 6, 2018