Custom Bathroom Remodeling In Forest Creek

Custom Bathroom Remodeling In Forest Creek

Image of Custom Cabinets and Linen Tower

Custom Bathroom Remodeling Features

Price Range

$45K – $55K*

On Time Baths does custom bathroom remodeling for its clients. So much goes into consideration when remodeling a bathroom. Among the many things, On Time Baths designs bathroom remodels based on the special needs and requests of their customers. This particular customer has some special requests that the company gladly accommodated.

On Time Baths interior designer, Cammy Oney,  has this to say about this project, “On chilly winter days this bathroom heads off that chill with a toe-kick heater. We inserted a specifically built heater just for toe-kick spaces. Being built right into that shallow space, down low, it practically goes unnoticed. The homeowners can operate the heater with a switch mounted on the wall nearby. Since heat rises and the ceiling is rather tall, this made great sense to keep the heat down low where it is felt and enjoyed.”

“There is also electrical access from inside the pull-out accessory drawer. When closed, the accessory drawer looks like a door of the cabinetry. When pulled open, there are shelves which hold small appliances and can remain plugged in at all times.-no messy or unruly cords to manage here!”

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Posted on

June 3, 2017