Geometric Statement

Geometric Statement

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Not every project we complete is traditional in the sense it is the owners primary residence. This project is a second home for a couple wishing to escape the harsh winter months of anther state and enjoy our beautiful central Texas weather. Though we have mild temperatures occasionally we do get a cool spell. For just such events these homeowners’ top priority was to install a heated floor system. This style of radiant heat differs from some of our other heating options. Traditionally, and least expensive, the heat is added to a bathroom through a heater in the ceiling often incorporated into the ceiling vent. You’ve seen these many times. The ceiling units are the least effective heaters as heat rises taking the benefit of the warmth right up to the ceiling where you don’t need it. The ceiling mounted systems are usually quite noisy too.

Much more useful is the option to have the heat enter the room from the floor area so as it rises it warms the space from below. The second option would be to install toe kick heaters below the sink bases. These are relatively inexpensive, toasty little units which will do a fantastic job of warming your toes while at the sink. While this is good, we can still do better.

The third and most effective method is to install radiant heat below the tile throughout the whole floor. This ensures everywhere you stand will be warm. While the radiant heat is not blowing warm air into the room, it is a very effective way to take the chill out of the room and keep your toes toasty warm. Another benefit of the radiant heated floors is the option to regulate the system with a switch at the wall. With such control and superb results this heated flooring is worth the extra cost you will incur.

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January 22, 2018