Master Bath & Guest Bath Redo

Master Bath & Guest Bath Redo

Image of Shower bench with decorative Mosaic tile

This home had 2 bathrooms that needed our attention.

Guest bath:

One of the most important items on the list for the homeowner was to have more storage. The bathroom was already small, but the built-in linen closet did not help. By removing the sheet rock wall and door of the cabinet we were able to better plan for storing items in cabinets with pull-outs. The counter top was also extended which allowed for more task surface and visually added to the spaciousness of the bathroom. By adding lighting mounted on the sides rather than overhead we were able to give the homeowners better task lighting which is also more flattering than lighting mounted over head.

Master bath:

We removed an unnecessary wall and cased opening to give the room more space. While a 5” thick wall does not take up too much space the hallway it created did. Once we reclaimed the “hallway” back into the room we were able to add additional storage into the wall opposite the sink cabinet wall. Visually, the removal of the wall added more space by making the room feel larger, too. Storage was also added with a cabinet over the toilet and pull-outs under the sink base. This new plan tripled the amount of space the homeowners had before the remodel.

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October 1, 2017