Putting “On Time” to the Test

Putting “On Time” to the Test

Procrastination… not on this project! There was not a moment to spare with these two homeowners. When we came onto the scene it was quite evident there would be a stiff deadline–no exceptions. This was not because the clients were ruthless or mean in any way. Quite the opposite in fact. Our team wanted very much to deliver the couples’ remodeled bathrooms and kitchen BEFORE they delivered their first child! The timing would be close as we all knew. The baby’s due date was quickly approaching.

The transformation of the rooms was thrilling for all of us as we watched mauve, sea foam greens and coral paint tones, as well as dilapidated peeling wallpaper mistaken for an abstract scene of a city scape, transform into a serene, tranquil home into which any family would be thrilled to welcome their first born. The progression of the remodeled rooms and the pregnancy were a joy to see.

As our company name suggests the project and baby’s arrival were all “On time”.

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January 16, 2018