Remodeling a Bathroom To Reflect Travels

Remodeling a Bathroom To Reflect Travels

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Remodeling a Bathroom For Unpredictability

When we get a call from someone inquiring about remodeling a bathroom, it’s always because there are 1 or 2 issues the homeowner has with the original bathroom. This project was no different. It had major issues when it came to predictability. The cabinets were predictably frustrating with very little accessible storage. The space was predictably chopped up with the traditional arrangement of a typically bulky linen closet and standing shower. Finally, the layout did not allow the homeowners to feel this space reflected their style.

Their style needed to reflect their affection for the places they have visited on their travels. “Zen” would describe where this couple wanted to take their bathroom. The main addition which would make this couple feel transformed from standard predictability to more of a Zen retreat would be the addition of a bath tub and the use of textured tiles. The floor tile looks like a woven rug while we also threaded “weathered wood” into the stone slabs surrounding the shower. These textures are quite unexpected and really make for a uniquely unpredictable retreat.

Unique Points About This Remodel

On Time Baths made good use of a thick wall for storage near the toilet.  We also customized the heights of the vanities to fit the requirements of the make up mirror. The mirrored medicine cabinets created useful storage within the thickness of the wall over each sink. We were also able to give more as well as improved lighting options.

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June 14, 2017