Spectacular Bathroom Renovating Ideas

Spectacular Bathroom Renovating Ideas

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Smart Bathroom Renovating Ideas- Shower & Bathtub Wet Room

This was a very unique bathroom design. Taking a bath was always a challenge for the homeowners. Once you made it to the top of this quite narrow, yet steep,  assent you were rewarded with a tub where one stood inside to draw the bath water. Needless to say, redesigning the bathtub area was a high priority on our clients list of things to change.

To solve this dilemma, we lowered the tub to a standard height nestled into its own correctly sized deck. To save clearance of getting into the once narrow space, we incorporated the tub into the newly enlarged shower space. Some of the bonuses to this solution included a much more accessible reach to the tub faucets as well as a standing or sitting space on the deck much more suited for drawing water. Also, now added is a useful niche for storage or personalizing. Another added benefit is having the shower and tub together in their own “wet room” ; this helps keep all the water in one place.

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July 12, 2017