Unique Elements in Custom Bathroom Design

Unique Elements in Custom Bathroom Design

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Written by On Time Baths Interior Designer, Cammy Oney

Personality Drives Unique Bathroom Design Elements

One of the perks in working with clients in bathroom design is getting to know their unique personalities. I have never laughed so much with clients throughout the design process of a project as I did with these folks.

This couple had a knack for finding joy in many corners of opportunity. It is this spirit of light-heartedness which allowed them to go with me down paths they may not have otherwise ventured. One area of openness was to the species of wood for their cabinetry. I was able to introduce a species of wood to the homeowners they had not heard about before for cabinetry. It is named Lyptus.

Lyptus is a wood which is a cross between two Eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus grows quickly and is harvested without removing the root ball of the tree. New growth pops right up from the cut of the harvest which allows for about a 15 year harvesting rate. No need to be concerned about the hardness of this fast growing wood as Eucalyptus has a hardness rating similar to that of Maple. The grain is unique as well, resembling that of Mahogany. Typically the undertones of Lyptus are in the red family.

We applied a slightly grey stain called Driftwood and achieved this unique finish which delightfully matches the uniqueness of the homeowners and the other elements in their master bedroom. Also, an element of whimsy was reinforced in the selection of the hardware on the cabinetry. The pebble design emulated the pebbles we used in the accent of the shower. Repetition of a design element is an effective way to add impact to any project.

All-in-all, the overall end result was a beautifully tailored bathroom design stemming from the fun and interesting personalities of the homeowners.

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December 26, 2017