Working with Solid Surface Shower Panels

Working with Solid Surface Shower Panels

Solid surface shower panels have the reputation of being unattractive, bulky and outdated. However, with the latest technology and designs there are many options on the market today that not only match your budget, they also look appealing. A huge benefit to using this product is not having to deal with the hassles and upkeep of grout. With this product cleaning and maintenance is as easy as a simple wipe. Many of our customers choose to combine solid surface panels with an accent tile which would involve some grout but certainly limit the amount while keeping the price down. Panels can be used on the shower walls, shower pan, vanity countertop and shower accessories such as caddies, seats, hooks and foot rests. They are custom made and have a lifetime warranty! Finishes come in gloss and matte in a variety of colors. Our design team has professionally selected products that compliment each finish to give our customers an idea of how their bathroom would look best. With the need to remodel a bathroom or do a tub to shower conversion while sticking to your budget, solid surface panels are an excellent option.

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March 13, 2018