From my experience…

I’m Michael Hamilton, owner of On Time Baths. Over the years I have seen hundreds of Austin bathroom remodels and completed many of them. Generally, people don’t just start thinking they would like to remodel their bathroom, it usually starts with some sort of an issue. These issues can be leaks, fixtures breaking, difficult tile to clean (disgusting mold) or the bathroom no longer functions like it is needed.

Homeowner’s problems getting started

Sometimes it’s the money, sometimes it’s the time but more often than not the reason for not starting on the remodel is that people just don’t know where to start. You can look online, you can ask family and friends for referrals, you can respond to ads or flyers but still how do you know this is the right company and am I getting what I need for my money? I tell customers that you can have three different contractors give you a quote. One contractor might come back with $20,000, one can be $30,000, and one can be $40,000 and truth is they may all be correct. The problem is the contractor’s vision is different from the homeowner’s. They are in control, not you. It’s not like buying a car, furniture or, appliances because the bathroom remodel is an abstract idea before anything is selected or remodeled.

Many new home builders have model homes that you can look at, touch, and decide if it works for you and your family. With a bathroom remodel it’s not so simple, you need to go to a plumbing showroom and look at fixtures, you then go to the cabinet shop and look at different door styles and finishes, then you go to the granite or quartz fabricator and look at what they have to offer. The problem is generally there are up to 10 different suppliers of materials to remodel a bathroom. Even if you are very comfortable selecting colors and finishes it can take up to 40+ hours of your time going back and forth making selections and getting the total package together. Then are you selecting all the right things? Will they work together in your bathroom? You could also hire an Interior Designer. There are many talented candidates to choose from but for some it can make their remodeling costs above their budget.

Solution to beautify and simplify

On Time Baths will deliver the complete package to your home on time and on a designated day. These packages are great for customers that would like to DIY, partial DIY, or use a contractor you already know and trust. Customers can also work from a list of contractors we supply you. Then, when you have those multiple contractors bid the job they are all bidding the same job because you can show them exactly what they are installing and they will not be running around to pick up supplies because it will all be there. It makes it very easy to compare bids and there are fewer unknowns for the contractor which makes them more comfortable bidding.


Why does On Time Baths not install their own package? As a company, our focus is delivering the best possible experience, expertise, designs, and pricing to the customer. We feel that focusing on you, the customer, with our design, selection, and pricing expertise is best serving our customers. There are many fine, independent contractors that are true craftsmen that can remodel bathrooms and do an excellent job but do not necessarily have the time or knowledge to help with designs, selections or have all the accounts and connections at all the necessary manufactures and suppliers. We think it’s better to partner with these small contractors and let them do what they do best while On Time Baths can focus on getting you, the customer, the exact design and materials needed for a beautiful, stress-free bathroom remodel.