One of the hottest bathroom design trends for 2018 is metallic fixtures. This makes these stylish fixtures a statement piece while complimenting all of the other elements in the space nicely. The first thing that comes to mind is will this trend last? It’s fun to think you have a trendy bathroom but five years you want to make sure the trend is still in style. The great thing about metallic trends such as brushed gold is that these finishes are long lasting elements.


Whether it’s in tile, faucets, or lighting, metallic finishes are being introduced in homes more and more. It sets many designs apart and adds a sense of glitz and glam to the space. When it comes to metallics, age is not a factor. It is not more popular in one area than in others. It really boils down to implementing these elements in a tasteful way with a good design.

Being that metallic pieces are a statement piece it is important to make a statement without it completely taking over. Brushed gold is becoming extremely popular. One example of when we’ve remodeled a bathroom using brushed gold fixtures is we paired it with a dark navy background. This allows the fixtures to make a statement. With the darker background it doesn’t compete with the gold, it compliments it. Had we chosen to do the wall color light, the fixtures would be washed out and clash with everything going on in the room.


When we think of brass, we think of the 90’s that’s bright and shiny. The beauty of brushed gold is that it isn’t as bright and flashy. It’s much more versatile and can go with many different styles. Another trend is matte finishes. Specifically matte black finishes are being used not only in fixtures, but also appliances. Matte finishes are great for people who want to have a more simple look. Simplicity is powerful and refreshing so coming home to a space that shows that is always nice.