Subway tile first came about in New York City in 1904. Starting out in a subway station and making it’s way into homes all across the county. The trend, or should we say classic by now, is still going strong today.

Even after 100 years subway tile is still popular. It comes in many different sizes, colors, and patterns. The traditional subway tile is a 3X6 glossy white and it still is extremely popular. It is featured in our Farm House design suite. We also feature 4X16 subway tiles in glossy white as well as matte white. Besides popularity of the 4 X16 sized tiles, they are also less labor intensive therefore saving homeowners time and money.

White Matte

Subway tile comes in all sorts of colors. We feature 4X16 matte grey as well as glossy grey in our design packages. This is a great option for those who don’t want such a clean, bright look as the white subway tile gives off. We often get questions on whether matte or glossy is better. It is really just a style preference. Both are very popular so it really comes down to what look you are wanting to achieve. Glossy tile will reflect more, making the space brighter and shinier whereas matte tile will be less slippery and more of a natural look.

Warm Grey Glossy

We love incorporating fun patterns such as the herringbone pattern in places like the shower shampoo niche or shower floors. You can also incorporate patterns with color (as shown above). Be careful not to go too crazy with this or it can get overwhelming to the eye and not be as appealing.

Herringbone Pattern

Featured in our Craftsman design suite is a taupe colored subway tile. It is a glazed ceramic tile and each tile has a slightly different hue so that when installed the shower has dimension and added interest. All together it makes a stunning shower wall.

Taupe Glossy