Five Areas To Consider Before Starting Your Bathroom Remodel

1. Who uses this bath and what are their needs?

The first question homeowners should ask when considering a bathroom remodel is who uses the bathroom most. Depending on whether it is a master bath, hall bath, children’s bath, or guest bath different users have different needs in the space. The age of the user also plays a big factor in what to include.

  • Small children– Easy reach faucets, easy reach light switches, standard height toilets, scald guard tub/shower faucets, storage for medicines and cleaning products out of reach and no flame or electrical heaters at lower levels
  • Teenage or grown children– Full height vanity cabinets, maybe showers instead of tub/shower combinations if the bathtub is not used, plenty of counter top for storage, shampoo and soap storage in the shower
  • Adults– Walk in showers, full height vanity cabinets, storage for electrical appliances (tooth brushes, curling irons and dryers), full height toilets, extra of storage, good lighting
  • Guests– Open storage for towels, support bars in the shower
  • Older adults (parents)– Non-skid floor tiles, low threshold showers, support bars in the shower, support bars next to the toilet, easy to use faucets, lever door handles, hand held shower wands, shower benches
  • Combination of different groups– many bathrooms are shared by people from different groups, so it may be a combination of many of the items above

2. What kind of storage is needed?

Storage is an important element to consider in any space, particularly in a bathroom where there is products, toiletries, towels, and many more items that need to be stored. Some people use more products than others but it is always better to have too much storage than not enough. Getting the most use of space will make every inch of the bathroom useful.

  • Storage and outlets for electrical appliances
  • Storage for linen and towels
  • Adequate countertop space
  • Storage for makeup products
  • Storage for medical items
  • Storage personal items

3. What kind of lighting do you need or want?

Woman know how important lighting is when applying makeup or doing hair. Lighting is important for any space. Bathrooms are used at all times of the day or night so making sure there is adequate lighting will allow accessibility whenever it’s needed.

  • Wall sconces
  • Recessed can lights
  • LED lighting
  • Night lighting
  • Chandelier light or accent lighting
  • Natural lighting

4. What about ventilation and heating?

Two of the worst problems in a bathroom are mold and water leaks. Having the proper ventilation will keep humidity out and mold away. It is far better to prevent mold issues than to have to remove it and redo your bathroom.

  • Why worry about ventilation? Air movement and exchange is very important to keeping a bathroom smelling fresh. It also helps remove excessive humidity. Excessive humidity is not good for cabinets and paint. It also creates mold in grout and on shower walls.
  • Proper way to size your ventilation system for your bathroom is width X length X height= (cubic feet of a room) divided by 60 (minutes in a hour) X 8 (number of times to recycle air in one hour). An example of sizing a bathroom 8 feet wide X 14 feet long X 9 feet high ceiling divided by 60 X 8 equals 134.4. CFM (cubic feet of volume of air per minute)
  • Heating can be handled several different ways.
    • There is electric heating system in the ceiling many times as part of an exhaust fan.
    • There is heating in the flooring that is installed under the porcelain tile.
    • There is toe kick heaters that are mounted in the bottom part of the cabinet that can blow heat on the tile
    • There are wall units, usually electrical, that are mounted in the wall

5. What items should be considered to design your bathroom for life span use?

There are many accessory options out there. Rather than go crazy and get all of them or on the contrary, opt out of all of them, it is best to think about your needs in your daily routine. Do you find yourself struggling for balance? Do you use a lot of electrical items? Is it hard to see close up in a mounted mirror? Think about what would make life easier and then decide on what accessories will alleviate these problems.

  • Support Bars
    • In shower and installed either horizontal or vertical
    • By the toilet
  • Shower bench
    • Built-in
    • Fold down
    • Removal shower benches
  • Hand Held Shower Wands
    • Located near bench
    • Also handle for cleaning the shower
  • Wide doorways
    • Make wheel chair accessible
    • Walker accessible
  • Good Lighting
    • Task lighting
    • Night lighting
  • Levers and Handles
    • Lever door handles
    • Easy grab cabinet handle
    • Easy to use shower faucet and vanity faucet handles
  • Makeup or Shaving Mirror
    • LED lighted mirror
    • Mirror mounted in the shower for shaving
  • Electrical Outlets in Drawers
    • Hair drawer or tools with electrical outlets in drawers can be stored away but easily accessible

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